SC day care leaves toddler behind in park

FORT MILL, S.C. – A 3-year-old boy is back with his family after a woman said she found him at a Fort Mill park crying and alone, WSOC reported.

The toddler was found Thursday at Steele Street Park, officials said.

Deana Vinson discovered the lost boy.

“I couldn’t imagine if that would’ve been one of my children,” Vinson said.

The child had been left behind by his daycare provider.

Vinson called local rec centers, Fort Mill police and posted his picture on Facebook.

“They (daycare officials) could’ve just done a head count and figured out they were missing a kid before they pulled off,” Vinson said.

An employee at the daycare said it was a horrible mistake.

Vinson said it took two hours for a daycare worker to return and pick up the child.

“I guess she figured out she’d left him at the park,” Vinson said.

Editor’s note: WSOC did not identify the daycare Friday because officials there are not facing charges.