Triad group encourages business to protect themselves from cybercrime

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Cybercrime causes trillions of dollars in damages every year and experts say it will only get worse, which is why one local group in theTriad is encouraging businesses to protect themselves.

"It is becoming a matter of when this is going to happen to them -- when is something going to happen that is going to disrupt their business," said Robert Phelps with Triad Cyber Round Table.

Triad Cyber Round Table is a group of experts who want small businesses in the area to know how detrimental a data breach can be. The group says many businesses think they are too small to be the target of a cyber attack, but Phelps says that isn't true.

"You're not always the target -- it's the lowest hanging fruit," he said. "We are going to send this out there, see who falls victim and then see what information they have."

Many attacks come in the form of email and are easy to fall victim to, but there is a way to protect yourself: cyber liability insurance.

"We do know that most businesses that do under 50 million in sales feel like they are too small to buy this insurance, that they don't have a big exposure and that cyber criminals don't target them and that's just not true," said Fletcher Wilson with Triad Cyber Round Table.

Fletcher recommends contacting your insurance agent to hear what options they have. He says it could save you thousands of dollars or even save your entire business, if attacked.

If you know a local business that the Triad Cyber Round Table could help, send an email to

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