Surprise reunion turns into surprise proposal at Grasshoppers game

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Tonight at the Greensboro Grasshoppers game, all eyes were all on the baseball diamond before the game even started. It was a surprise heartfelt reunion and the ending was even sweeter.

Maddison Olinger was a little reluctant to be an honorary manager at the Grasshoppers game.

"I was mad at his mom, I was like, 'Why are you making me do this?'" Olinger said.

The normal prize is a $50 gift card, but Olinger got a little something extra, a long-awaited reunion with her boyfriend, Army Specialist Camryn Henley. He has been away for months serving his country. And it gets even better. As Olinger turned around to see her boyfriend running up to her, he dropped to his knee and proposed.

You could say, in their case, distance made the heart grow fonder.

"I was in Syria for nine months but I've been gone for 329 days," Henley said.

His love runs deep both for his country and his now-fiancée.

"It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. She's definitely just a great girl. And communication, we were lucky enough we were able to communicate the entire time I was there," he said.

The feeling is clearly mutual.

"We clicked really fast and I just feel like we sparked really fast," Olinger said.

Their love story, a true home run.

The couple has only been engaged for a few hours but they are already thinking about the wedding. They say they would like to wait and get marriage counseling through the church where they met each other. But Henley said there are already talks of another deployment for him.

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