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Teen with Down syndrome speaks out after being cyberbullied in viral tweet

DALLAS -- A viral tweet is upsetting a lot of people, including 17-year-old Ameera Peterson, who has Down syndrome.

"I'm angry," Ameera told KDAF.

A girl by the username Meera tweeted a yearbook picture of Ameera Peterson next to two pictures of herself, saying she had "the best glo up in the century." (A "glo up" is the perception of someone becoming more attractive than what they looked like when they were younger.)

"Kids with special needs, they have feelings and emotions just like everyone else," Ameera’s mom, Rita, said.

The tweet implied that Ameera isn't attractive, at least that's the way Rita is taking it.

"Sort of bullying to say that this person doesn't look so good, and I look great, or I didn't look so good, and now I look great. We always look great, we are always beautiful," Rita said.

Ameera loves to dress up, dance, and rap -- she even made a song about the tweet.

KDAF tried to contact Meera, but has not heard heard back.

"She just has some growing up to do," Rita said.