Pickleball popularity growing in Triad, especially among seniors

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It's a lot a lot like tennis but with less running around. It's pickleball, a sport that's really taken off here in North Carolina.

"Pickleball is like a miniature game of tennis with a little bit of a version of ping pong as far as the scoring. The court is a little bit smaller. It's lot easier on your body," 62-year-old Darrell Gore said.

Which is one of the reasons it's so popular with the older crowd, but this sport is for all ages and men and women love it.

​The background on pickleball can be traced to 1965. Some guys in Washington state were hoping to play badminton in the backyard. No one could find a shuttlecock, but did find a wiffle ball, the net was lowered, paddles were made and voila: pickleball was invented.

Laura Patterson, of Walkertown, is a player and on the board of the United States Pickleball Association.

"I became an ambassador and I traveled around Greensboro, Asheboro, anywhere they would let me set up a net and I would teach pickleball, so now North Carolina is just booming," she said.

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