Female duo opens new Asian fusion restaurant in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Black Ginger Restaurant has only been open a few weeks, but the owners are pleased to see business picking up.

Business partners Venny Juniaty and Dina Ng want to offer a variety of Asian cuisine under one roof.

“It's a sushi restaurant and also we have Asian fusion in the sense that we don't fuse any of it, but we pick the most popular menus from each country -- Thai food, Chinese food, Japanese food, we pick the most popular one and put it on the menu,” Juniaty said.

Both have experience working in the restaurant industry and met while working at another restaurant.

Juniaty put herself through college being a waitress and graduated in May.

Both women are excited about the future, but they also realize a lot is riding on their shoulders.

They used their personal savings to get started.

“It is more work into it than [if] you work for somebody else. I have to make it nicer, I have to make it look good, I have to make people feel like [they] want to come back,” Ng said.

“We have employees that work with us that we have to be responsible about. They have families to feed. They have families to take care of,” Juniaty said.

Juniaty is the mother of a young daughter.

She sees being a business owner as an opportunity to give back.

“Somebody has helped me through college before, supporting my family and my college, so I think this is just a full circle going around,” she said.

Juniaty and Ng manage the business with another woman who is a silent partner.

Black Ginger is located at 435 Dolley Madison Road in Greensboro in the Guilford Village Shopping Center.

The restaurant is located behind an office complex.

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