City of Archdale trying to be more pedestrian friendly

ARCHDALE, N.C. -- The City of Archdale is making a plan to make the city more walkable. This is the first time they've made a pedestrian plan since 2006. This time they hope is will lead to grant funding to make the plans into a reality.

For moms like Tiffany Traylor, being able to walk around town is a top priority

"We like to walk to the playground here, and the community center, and then the library," Traylor said.

Her 3-year-old daughter Charlotte is more running than walking, but the going gets tough sometimes for the two of them.

"In my neighborhood you can walk the neighborhood so far and then it just stops and you have to walk in the middle of the road. And people do drive pretty quickly down that road so yeah, I'm a little bit more hesitant to walk," she said.

A solution is in the works. Matthew Wells is the planning administrator for the City of Archdale. He's been working on a new plan to expand sidewalks on main roads and add greenway trails through neighborhoods. Part of the plans also include connecting the City to High Point.

"What this will do is it will not just help with safety, but it will also help encourage kids to walk to schools, encourage families to walk within their neighborhoods," Wells said.

It's not just Archdale trying to be more pedestrian friendly. In High Point, five sidewalk projects near schools are underway. Those are being funded by the federal Safe Routes to School Grant. Another eight projects are on the city council agenda to be approved. Greensboro already had four sidewalk projects get started this year. Even more are slated for later this summer. Greensboro is also working on a state funded plan to add side walks and bike lanes to the West Market and Guilford College intersection.

Wells says in Archdale, it’s about planning for the future.

"Archdale will continue to grow as we have a plan out there, and we're able to have connectivity for people to walk in their neighborhoods but also to commercial property," Wells said.

These are plans moms like Traylor are happy to see coming along.

"It would be really nice to have more sidewalks so that we could walk, but also ride our bikes, or push strollers around the area," she said.

The City of Archdale is having a public input meeting on June 25. They hope these plans will lead to getting grant money so they can make the plans happen, but it will take time. High Point MPO is helping Archdale with its plans.

The city council will vote on approving a bid on the plans for eight sidewalk projects on June 18.

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