Local gymnasts start an ‘acro’ team at Tumblebees in Greensboro

GREENSBORO, N.C. – Northwest Guilford students Kylee Palombo and McKena Jones grew up with gymnastics, dance and cheerleading.

Three years ago, they went to the 2015 USA championships in Greensboro and fell in love with a new kind of gymnastics called "acrobatic." Soon they decided to start an "acro" team at their gym Tumblebees.

"We saw acro and thought it was so cool," said Palombo. “We'd never seen anything like it, so a couple of years later when we were ready and old enough we thought it would be the perfect addition to Tumblebees.”

She said it has a mix between cheerleading, artistic gymnastics and dance and has components from all three.

The Acro-Bees as they are called are on the fast track to success. The team just started last august and had their first competition in February.

They just returned from the prestigious regional meet in New Jersey where three sets of pairs qualified for the nationals in July, at the place where this whole idea started: The Greensboro Coliseum.