Virginia woman startled by snake after it slithers through car’s air vent while she was driving

A Garter snake, also known as a garden snake. The snakes are generally harmless and can measure from 16 to 36 inches in length. (Getty Images stock photo)

WARRENTON, Va. — A Virginia woman was startled after a snake slithered through her car’s air vent while she was driving.

Fauquier Now reported that Lora Goff immediately pulled over and called 911, prompting an animal control officer to come help.

The officer tried using metal prongs to remove the garden snake, but it hid somewhere else in the car. Goff eventually drove home without knowing where it was.

She captured the snake after putting glue traps under her seats and then finding the snake stuck on one.

“One in a million,” Goff said. “Who would’ve ever thought? Crazy stuff. Everybody’s worst nightmare.”