Duke doctors perform ‘surgery’ to give doll the same scar as North Carolina girl

5-year-old Mical Olaiz and her doll, Mia, share a special scar on their chest. Duke doctors gave the doll a chest scar so she could look just like Mical. (WTVD)

DURHAM, N.C. — A Duke doctor performed “surgery” to give a doll the same scar as the girl who owns it.

WTVD reported that 5-year-old Mical Olaiz was born with Hypoplastic left heart syndrome and the life-saving surgeries left her with a scar.

Even though Mical’s American Girl doll, Mia, looked mostly like her, she was missing the scar that remains on Mical’s chest from previous surgeries.

Dr. Andrew Lodge performed the heart “surgery” on the doll last week.

“She is very special to me. And I love her so much,” Mical said, referring to the doll. “And she has a scar just like me!”