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17-year-old dies after apparently falling in shower and drowning when hair blocks drain

Brianne Rapp (GoFundMe)

BUTLER, Pa. — A 17-year-old Pennsylvania girl died after her family says she fell in the shower and drowned when her hair clogged the drain, KDKA reports.

Brianne Rapp died Friday morning after falling while taking a shower at her Butler home. She was later found by her mother.

“We’re thinking she blacked out in the bathtub and fell and hit her head and was found by my ex,” said father Mike Rapp. “We don’t know if maybe hair clogged the drain but the tub overflowed.”

Rapp said his daughter was on medication for a thyroid condition that had caused her to pass out in the past. He’s not sure if that caused the apparent fall or if she just slipped.

According to The Butler Eagle, the coroner hasn’t released the official cause of death but the likely cause was drowning.

“I’ll miss her smiling face and her great personality and wanting the best out of life,” Rapp said. “Her mother and I are so proud to have raised a girl that people have so many nice things to say.”