Greensboro police stress the importance of buckling up

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The Greensboro Police Department says they have heard every excuse as to why some drivers don't want to buckle up.

"For every one of those stories you give me about why not to wear a seat belt, I can give you a thousand stories as to why the benefits far outweigh it," said Officer J.B Price with the Greensboro Police Department.

Not buckling up will not only cost you a ticket, but more importantly, Officer Price says it could also cost you your life.

The Greensboro Police Department gave out 207 seat belt violations last year, they also saw 13 people die who weren't wearing their seat belts.

"It is not about collecting money, we don't get any revenue from that as an agency when we write those, we write them for the fact that we know that seat belts will save your life if they are properly worn every time your in a car," he said.

The Greensboro Police Department says wearing your seat belt almost every time isn't good enough and if you are a parent your child should never see you in a vehicle without it.

"A lot of times when we stop parents for not wearing their seat belts more often than not if they have children in the car they are either improperly restrained or they are not wearing a seat belt either, you are basically teaching them skills that are going to kill them," Price said.

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