Amazon, maybe? Site plan submitted to Kernersville links company to possible fulfillment center

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KERNERSVILLE, N.C. -- Could Amazon be opening a fulfillment center in Kernersville? It is a possibility.

A company out of Atlanta sent in a site plan on May 15 to the Town of Kernersville for a more than one million square-foot fulfillment center to be built at Triad Business Park.

Inside the plans sent in to the town, Amazon logos were on the signs.

FOX8 emailed Amazon to confirm they are part of this project, but we haven’t heard back. We also called the company, Seefried Industrial Properties Inc., and the contractor on the permit. Both had no comment.

Even without a definite answer, the possibility of Amazon coming in has a lot of people in the area excited.

“I was so excited to hear we might be getting the Amazon fulfillment center here and the first one in North Carolina.” said Brenda Norris, who lives in Kernersville.

“We could use more jobs,” said Justin Greenbaum, who works in Kernersville “We've got plenty of space for them to build wherever they like. It could help revitalize our community.”

City officials in Kernersville also said they can’t confirm if the website that sells it all could be coming here.

Jeff Hatling, the community development director, says the spot off Old Greensboro Road, near FedEx Ground, would be great for it.

“Naturally a one million square-foot company like this will only complement the FedEx Air and FedEx Ground -- the logistical aspect of moving products around from manufacturers to retail,” Hatling said.

Hatling said he doe not know how many jobs a site like this could bring in, but the site plan has more than a thousand parking spots for cars.

Amazon or not, if this project does come to fruition the mayor of Kernersville says it will be a big win for the community.

“I'm happy for any new employer to come to Kernersville, to provide jobs, to provide opportunities,” Mayor Dawn Morgan said. “We are so grateful in Kernersville, the support the business community has had on our schools and our nonprofits.”

Hatling says the plans in his office are just the first phase, so it is possible that nothing moves forward. He says if it does, any type of logistics company here could attract even more businesses to the area. When FedEx came in, a few others followed.

Although many of the people we spoke with on Thursday were excited about the possibility of an Amazon fulfillment site, one person was concerned about the type of jobs and pay available.

The website has a fulfillment associate at Amazon making between $10 and $16 per hour.

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