After battle with cancer, Forsyth County woman starts successful business making lightweight earrings

CLEMMONS, N.C. -- Sometimes the best ideas come when you least expect them.

Amy Chewning wasn’t aspiring to become an entrepreneur. She just wanted to find a comfortable pair of earrings.

In 2008 and 2009, she had breast cancer.

“I had lost my hair and just was so sensitive to everything. I wanted to wear a bigger earring to be more feminine, but I just couldn't stand anything I could feel on my ears,” she said.

She stopped wearing larger earrings during her journey because she couldn’t find what she needed.

Even after beating cancer, she still looked for lightweight earrings.

When her search turned up empty, she decided to make her own.

She made a pair using a piece of leather her father gave her.

She wore them while she was working at Hip Chics Boutique in Clemmons.

Co-workers wanted a pair and so did customers.

“Then our owner, Kristina, reached out to me and said this just might be a door God's opening for you. ‘Why don't you make some pairs, we'll put them at the store and see what happens,’ and that's where it all began,” Chewning said.

Word continued to spread and today Chewning has her own jewelry business called ACEarrings.

“I'm in 15 stores across North Carolina and also in Alabama,” she said. “I say that it's beauty out of ashes because truly it came from a season of darkness, but I can see over the years how I guess God was preparing me for something else and I'm just incredibly thankful.”