Asheboro elementary teachers create music video to help students with End of Grade testing

ASHEBORO, N.C. -- It is the season of End of Grade testing and many schools are going the extra mile to encourage students to do their best on the standardized tests. One group of teachers at Southmont Elementary in Asheboro decided the best way to reach their kids was with something they like to watch -- a music video!

With the help of North Ridge Church, the teachers wrote the words to the music using the acronym "CRUSH IT".

The hope is that on test day, the students will relax while singing or humming the song to themselves reminding them of the keys to taking the tests successfully.

"We've been playing it in our class every day. The kids are up dancing, they know all the words," said third-grade teacher Kasey Shelton. "In the song, it talks about using all the strategies and it talks about "Crush It" too so not only are they having fun singing it but its also helping them that they can remember that song that will help them on the test."

They introduced the song to the students during an EOG Pep rally at the school.

The teachers say the video not only helped the kids but created lasting memories for everyone involved.

"We are very proud. We love Southmont, We love our school," she said. "We love our students so just being able to do something fun for them and show them that hard work does pay off."