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Hundreds gather to remember the 5 children killed in Greensboro fire

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Joshua Nagy/WGHP

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Nearly a thousand people gathered inside of Mount Zion Baptist Church Saturday morning.

Funeral services were being held for the five children who died following an apartment fire a few weeks ago.

All five caskets inside the church were individually marked with a special name.

They read Hope Roy, Lisa Josiane, Christoper Danny, Joshua John and Trump Emanuel Kamali.

Pictures in the church lobby showed just how happy the kids were.

“We don’t want to see such tragedies happen in our community,” said Franca Jalloh.

The pictures could very well be the only photos the parents have left of their kids to cherish after a fire destroyed their home.

“One of the hardest things for me, let alone the parents,” said Jalloh.

Local pastors from other Piedmont-area churches preached many words of strength.

“Absolutely, it’s definitely needed today,” said Dillon Baptist Church Rev. John Malek of Jamestown.

One of many powerful messages delivered was about comfort and hope.

“It’s unimaginable,” said Jalloh. “Five of their babies gone in less than 24 hours”.

Eric Kalongi is a family neighbor and remembers the oldest daughter Hope Roy.

It pained him to see her casket because she was good friends with his daughter Grace.

“I saw that image like the way I used to see them playing around,” said Kalongi.

The funeral maintained the family’s Congolese culture and customs from start to finish.

It’s through this tragedy that a group of people grained each other.

The refugee community is now closer than ever after being divided by language, nationality and ethnicity.

A coming together that’s helping a grieving family.

“They’re one of us, one of us,” said Jalloh.

Greensboro Mayor, Guilford County School Superintendent, county commissioners and representatives were among those in attendance at the funeral.

All five children were taken and buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery.

(Josh Nagy/WGHP)

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