Gym owner under fire over sign: ‘Tired of being fat and ugly? Just be ugly!’

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PELL CITY, Ala. — An Alabama gym owner is under fire over a sign he says is meant to inspire people to work out.

Scott Campbell, the owner of Pell City Fitness in Pell City, is facing backlash over a sign that reads, “Tired of being fat and ugly? Just be ugly!”

He posted the sign on May 15 and just two days later was told by city officials to take it down or be fined, The Washington Post reports.

Frustrated, Campbell took to Facebook with a video of himself standing in front of the sign.

“They’ve given me till 5 o’clock tomorrow evening to take it down. So it’s going to stay up ‘til 4:50 tomorrow afternoon,” he said.

Response on Facebook was torn, with some people thinking the sign was great and others saying it was offensive.

On May 18, Pell City Manager Brian Muenger contacted Campbell and said the city had no issue with the sign’s content and said he only needed a permit.

“The owner is aware of his failure to properly request a permit and has since filed a request,” Meunger told the Post in an email.

Campbell said the sign was still up and he has not been issued a fine.

“If you were offended by the sign, you would not fit in at the gym,” he said.

The video has more than 54,000 views.

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