Downtown Greensboro works to improve pedestrian experience

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Downtown Greensboro is pushing to offer you a seat and longtime resident David Craft is leading the charge.

"Attracting more people downtown and keeping them down here longer is always a good thing," Craft said.

Downtown Greensboro Inc. has a master plan in the works to help the streetscape and overall pedestrian experience.

Zack Matheny, the CEO of DGI, says their goal is to find the hot spots, create a sense of connectivity and design something aesthetically pleasing.

Although, there are some concerns of people overstaying their welcome.

"You know if you own a business and have a bench out front and you got people hanging out around on them too long then maybe you're not as crazy about benches," Craft said.

It's a reality that any city has to consider and one that Matheny says is a collaborative effort to overcome.

The first wave of benches are planned for the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and South Elm Street. ‚Äč

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