98-year-old woman dies after being left for hours outside in 90-degree heat, family says

Sun stock (Getty Images)

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — A 98-year-old woman died after caregivers at a Florida facility left her outside in the 90-degree heat for several hours, the woman’s family said in a lawsuit.

According to The Palm Beach Post, Eva Mae Rhodes was taken to a local hospital on May 27, 2017, with second-degree burns on her shoulders, arms, and mouth. She was also suffering from heat stroke and dehydration.

Rhodes died two weeks later from hyperthermia.

WPEC reports that Rhodes was a patient at Lakeside Health Center for three years and suffered from dementia, was wheelchair-bound and couldn’t speak.

While the lawsuit has been filed, West Plam Beach police will have to find criminal evidence before the state attorney’s office can act.

“I trusted Lakeside with her care,” said granddaughter Candace McKinley. “She took care of me and I trusted her.”