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Tips to finding the perfect babysitter

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Summer vacation is right around the corner, which has a lot of parents wanting to make sure their kids have some supervision while they're at work.

Picking a babysitter is not an easy task and can be a hard and scary responsibility. Experts say it's all about taking the time to find that perfect fit for your family.

There are many places to search for a babysitter, from a babysitter job board to a list from your pediatrician`s office, but using a reference is by far the best option.

Parents need to compare similar family circumstances when using personal references for babysitters. Looking for a babysitter should feel like searching for a potential employee, making sure to interview the right candidate, asking the right questions, even scheduling a trial visit with your children.

Trust your gut and don't feel obligated to chose the first babysitter you interview. It's about knowing your children's needs and making sure the babysitter has your children's best interest at heart. Having numerous certifications is not a must, but babysitters should be able to be prepared and able to respond to anything.

Both parents and babysitters need to have open and honest communication in order to feel comfortable, confident and stay credible to ensure the children have the best care.

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