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Sheriff’s deputies working overtime as break-ins rise in Guilford County

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- The Guilford County Sheriff's Office is doubling their patrols after break-ins continue to plague the area.

Criminals are breaking in through people's back doors and stealing jewelry, TVs and cash.

A recent victim, Tanny Wright, says his back door was busted less than 10 minutes after he left for work.

Wright says they bashed the door with a stone paver and made their way to his master bedroom where they stole his safe and a bank bag that belonged to his church.

"I think the thing that bothers me most is the peace that has been interrupted. When you can no longer feel safe in your own home," Wright said.

It's a crime spree the Guilford County deputies are working hard to put an end to.

Capt. Randy Shepherd says they are putting more units on the streets to canvass neighborhoods, but they can't be everywhere.

"Definitely be that nosy neighbor. Nothing wrong with that. Call 911. Don't think about it, don't call your brother and ask his opinion, Call 911," Shepherd said.

He says they would rather check something out and it be nothing than risk having a house broken into.

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