Erwin Montessori students make thank you cards for Alamance Elementary after tornado

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Erwin Montessori Elementary students are busy talking about and coloring their designs. But as a young student reads her card, you can tell this art lesson is different and carries a greater meaning.

"Dear Alamance, thank you very much for welcoming us with kindness and a warm smile. I love the school and wish I could be here forever," said the student.

When the Erwin students lost their Greensboro school to the April 15 tornado, Alamance Elementary made room for them. So Erwin is saying thank you for making them feel like they are back at Erwin.

"I was a little nervous," another student said. "I thought I would have a different teacher and classmates. But I have the same thing."

The thank yous also extend to the community. While art teacher Mary Young was able to salvage a few supplies like paint, a lot of what the kids are using is coming from donations.

"But I tell you, the generosity we felt and the simple things like yarn and cardboard, just awesome for us," Young said.

When the Erwin students are done making thanking you cards, Young will make a large accordion book and present it to Alamance Elementary. Young also explains that the thank you cards allow Erwin students to share what they are thinking.

"Art gives you a chance to express yourself and express your feelings in a safe way," Young said. "We talked about how good we feel now and how scared we were. But now we are feeling good."

And you see and hear the good feelings through art.

"Thank you Alamance for letting us into your school," said a student. "We are really thankful and together we are strong."

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