9-year-old boy dies after motorized room partition crushes him at school

Classroom (Stock image)

FRANCONIA, Va. — A 9-year-old Virginia boy died on Friday after being crushed by a motorized room partition, according to WTTG.

Wesley Lipicky, a third-grader at Franconia Elementary School in Fairfax County, died after he and a teacher both hit a button to open the partition, which splits a room in half.

Lipicky got caught between the divider and the wall and suffered traumatic head injuries. The 9-year-old was pronounced dead at the hospital Friday night.

According to investigators, Lipicky’s death was ruled as accidental and no charges will be filed.

“He was an endearing child whose bright smile and enthusiasm for school inspired the love of all who knew him,” Franconia Elementary School Principal Terri Edmunds-Heard said in a release.

Edmunds-Heard said that there will be support available for students, staff and parents.