Man accused of sending a ransom photo of his victim hogtied with an alligator in a man-sized plastic container

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Isaias Garcia

SHELTON, Conn. – Police have arrested a man accused of sending a ransom photo of his victim hogtied in a man-sized plastic container with an alligator.

News 12 Connecticut reported that Isaias Garcia has been jailed on a $250,000 bond on charges of kidnapping and assault.

Police said the suspect kidnapped a man from a condo complex in April, hogtied him and stuffed him in a bin.

The victim’s family was sent a photo of the victim in a large plastic container with a three-foot alligator.

Police said the victim called his aunt and said the suspect would start chewing on him if he didn’t come up with any cash.

Garcia was arrested after police said he called to order Chinese food from the same number he used for the ransom call.

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