Kickback Jack’s restaurant in North Carolina criticized over ‘discriminating’ dress code

DURHAM, N.C. — A Kickback Jack’s in Durham is being criticized for its dress code, according to WRAL.

A sign as customers come in says “low hanging pants or shorts,” “plain white T-shirts” and stiletto shoes are not allowed.

Some have suggested the dress code is racist, according to WRAL.

“I think it’s bogus and ridiculous,” Zena Graham told WRAL, adding that she saw the posts on social media criticizing the signage. “A lot of minorities wear that type of fashion, so I just feel like it’s kind of discriminating.”

Others said the felt the dress code was appropriate for a restaurant where families and young children visit.

“Some people seem like they’ve gotten out of hand as far as the way they wear their pants and expose certain parts of skin,” John Baucom said.

The manager of the Durham location said that sign is posted at all Kickback Jack’s locations and not just his restaurant.

Kickback Jack’s corporate office did not reply to WRAL’s request for comment.