Saddle up and ride: Couple offers camel rides at Ramseur farm

RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. -- Yes, those are camels. It's a sight that catches many people by surprise when they travel the county roads near Ramseur.

"Everything started with a nativity at church," said Darrell Stanley who bought the camels, Oscar and Niles, who were a part of a live nativity.

"He called me and said, 'guess what I'm bringing home from church,'" joked Darrell's wife Candace who had recently retired.

After Darrell sold his business in 2009, the couple hit the road and took the camels all across the country giving people camel rides and a chance to get up close and personal. But these days they offer camel rides right on their farm, which they call Camel Station.

"Most people coming in have never been that close to a camel," Darrell said. "I think the best part is sharing what God has created in the camels."

Their new addition is Gabriel and he is the definition of cute. Gabriel is just a few weeks old and joins Oscar and Niles at the farm that includes a petting zoo full of goats and lamas.

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