‘Mystery man’ credited with saving baby in North Carolina car wreck

ASHEVILLE, N.C. – An unidentified “mystery man” is being credited with saving a baby in a North Carolina car crash.

WLOS reported that 30-year-old Sam Ivey lost control of his car with a toddler inside. Ivey was taken to a hospital with serious injuries. The child was not hurt.

The car was wedged passenger side down between metal supports under the awning of Sona Pharmacy and Clinic in Asheville.

It took more than two hours to get that car pulled free from a crash that happened in just seconds.

Police said Ivey's car leftthe road, jumped the curb, tore through a hedgerow and hit a Saturn sedan that was parked with no one inside.

Investigators said it was the collision between the cars that sent Ivey's BMW airborne before it flipped sideways into the wall of glass.

"It just sounded like a big shelf falling from the pharmacy. Like, it sounded like some glass fell on the ground," Sona's Anna Teall said.

In fact, there was a lot of glass, and two people were trapped inside the car. Then, all of the sudden, there was an unexpected arrival, a good Samaritan.

"A guy come out of nowhere, jumped up, opened the door, we held the car, and he went in and got the baby, car seat and all," Sona's Sandy Banks said.

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