Greensboro tornado victims work to rebuild nearly a month after storm

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Ernest Washington has lived on Calumet Place in Greensboro for years.

He spent Friday afternoon walking around his now damaged home.

“My landlord was kind enough to put in a gate. We had people that were coming in and breaking into our place,” he said, as he walked down his driveway.

The gate was put in front of his home to protect it after thieves took what little he had after the storm in recent weeks.

“I had numerous things taken. My laptop was taken. All my jewelry was taken, my clothes,” Washington said.

This, as he faces this uphill battle of continuing the cleanup process after his home, along with the homes of his two other neighbors, were damaged in last month's tornado.

He is just one of thousands in east Greensboro who were impacted. A lot of the debris that was in his backyard is now gone.

Washington says despite the setbacks he's thankful for the people that are helping him get back on his feet.

“Things have changed. Have really changed because we had a lot of help from the Red Cross,” he said, as he choked up.

Washington plans to move into a new apartment this weekend.

“I see a lot of progress. A lot of progress and things and the help that we've had around here. They've done such a nice job,” he said.

This weekend FEMA inspectors will begin going door-to-door registering tornado victims for disaster assistance.

Beginning Saturday, they’ll be in Rockingham County to help people take the first steps to getting financial assistance.

They’ll then move to Guilford County on Monday to help tornado victims there. FEMA says so far, only 159 people have applied for help.

Click here to register online for assistance or call at 1-800-621-FEMA.

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