Day care teacher accused of telling students to throw rocks at 4-year-old boy to teach lesson

FORREST CITY, Ark. — A day care teacher in Arkansas is accused of telling students to throw rocks at a 4-year-old boy who was misbehaving, Fox 13 reports.

The incident happened at Teach N Tend Daycare in Forrest City.

Another teacher at the day care filed a police report on April 26 saying she saw the accused teacher tell the boy to sit down. That’s when he picked up several rocks and threw them on the ground.

The teacher then allegedly told students to throw rocks at the boy to teach him a lesson. A video taken by the other teacher showed at least six children beat the 4-year-old with rocks.

“I observed approximately 6 toddlers throwing rocks at a white male toddler,” a police report said. “The toddler is kneed down covering his face crying. A background voice says, ‘He’ll learn to stop, ok that’s enough.'”

The teacher told police that the children often throw rocks and said she doesn’t remember letting anyone throw rocks at the child.