Group gathers at North Carolina national forest to show off vintage Toyota Land Cruisers

UWHARRIE NATIONAL FOREST, N.C. - In a day where SUVs are a common site, vintage Toyota cruisers are anything but.

"When you see these things you know they are something special," said one driver of the Olde North State Cruisers. "It's a big-time family atmosphere, we all share a common interest."

These owners of vintage Toyota Land Cruisers gather several times a year at the Uwharrie National Forest, their most recent gathering called the "Relic Run."

They were built to take on whatever a trail might throw at it and built to last.

"Mine's a 1970's," said driver David Smith. "Originally a soft top but now a hard top. This one is 48 years old and still runs. Nothing's been done to the engine and it still runs."

For them, Toyota Land Cruisers will never get old.