‘Died on the spot’: Man mauled to death after taking selfie with bear

Bear claw (Getty Images)

An Indian man was mauled to death while trying to take a selfie with an injured bear, according to the Hindustan Times.

The man, identified as Prabhu Bhatara, was killed on May 2 while returning home to Papadahandi from a wedding.

The newspaper reported Bhatara and his friends were in an SUV when they stopped to use the bathroom. That’s when he spotted a wounded bear and decided to snap a selfie.

Friends tried to discourage him from taking the picture, but the bear chased Bhatara and fatally mauled him.

According to the Hindustan Times, a stray dog tried to fight the bear but couldn’t save him. A forest ranger said he “died on the spot.”

Forest officials eventually recovered Bhatara’s body after tranquilizing the animal.