King man builds 18-foot tall patriotic chair

KING, N.C. -- Mitchell Shephard loves spending time in his workshop making Adirondack chairs.

"I had some woodworking books that had some examples and some plans and I just took off from there," said the retired truck driver, who started out small, but then decided to go big. "It's big enough you can just go right up underneath it."

In his front yard you'll find an 18-foot Adirondack chair that gets a lot of attention.

"I just like big things," said Shephard, who says you'll need a ladder to climb up in this chair. "You have to really get up on it or get near it to realize just how big it is."

It's not just a real high chair, but a patriotic one too painted in red, white and blue.

"I'm retired military and I'm just that way" Shephard said. "It's sort of a tribute to what this country stands for and the military people that gave their lives for the country."

Shephard takes a stand by having a seat.

You can find the king-size chair on Meadowbrook Drive.