Focus on safety as nice weather brings more people to Lake Brandt

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- On a sun filled afternoon, folks in canoes, kayaks and boats are having fun on Greensboro's Lake Brandt.

"Nice, warm day. A little breezy," Eddie Turner said. "The fish are biting. Not enough to set any records. But enough fun for a Monday morning."

And as the temperatures continue to rise and days become longer, Environmental Educator and Lake Supervisor Michael Romano knows more people will be on the water.

"They are jumping into kayaks, paddle boards and boats," Romano said. "They are out here getting fresh air. They are on hiking trails. It's wonderful to be in season again."

As boaters begin to take over the lake, Romano reminds us that steering a canoe or kayak takes a lot of work.

"It can still wear you out," Romano said. "You are doing some exercise. You are paddling along and you might get hungry or thirsty and you are out there. So you want to bring a snack and water with you to make sure you are safe."

Inspecting your water craft and personal flotation device is also important. Life jackets should fit properly and be in good condition. Turner wears his life vest while he is fishing on Lake Brandt. Turner also takes steps to block the harmful effects of the sun.

"Got my sunglasses on, sunscreen. Jacket on because it's a little cool with the wind," Turner said.

Lake Brandt is also a great place for hiking. Even on the trails, Romano reminds us to use caution.

"And then of course be aware of your surroundings. You are walking along and there could be branches in the trail and plants you don't want to touch off trail," Romano said.

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