Burlington police officer helps family after attempted burglary

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BURLINGTON, N.C. -- Officer Rosie Ostman has only been with the Burlington Police Department for three years but is making a lasting impression with the way she handles calls for help.

​Ostman is lovingly called "Momma Rosie" because of her motherly attitude, always wanting to help those within the department and in the community.

"If I can help change people’s opinion where they think that police are just there to be mean and all we do is arrest, I don’t want that opinion. We do a lot more that doesn’t get seen​," Ostman said.

On May 1, during a attempted burglary call, Ostman decided to help the family secure their home, buying a door lock and installing it for them.

"You don’t want someone who just got broken into to feel like they’re still vulnerable," Ostman said. "I’ve been on a few break-ins where it was like that. One lady, they had kicked the whole bottom of the door out. So she had some dry wall in the shed I cut in half and I nailed it to the door​."

Ostman sees her acts of kindness as as a way to help improve community policing within the department and encourages other aspiring officers to find compassion on the call.

Ostman works as a police trainer helping new officers learn the ropes and works with the police Explorers program.

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