Man accused of killing his 14 cats and 2 dogs and torching his home because he thought it was infested with mites

FELL TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Police in Pennsylvania said a man killed his pets and set his home on fire because he believed he had a mite infestation.

WNEP reported that 14 cats and two dogs were found dead and suspect Ronald Vancosky went missing after the fire.

Investigators said Vancosky was found and has a history of mental illness. He’s being treated at a hospital.

Vancosky is facing arson and animal cruelty charges in Lackawanna County.

Vancosky admitted to police that he had been planning the fire for several days. Investigators said he started reading the Bible for guidance, killed his pets, then poured gasoline around his home and torched the place.

Police say Vancosky set the place on fire because he believed it was infested with mites.