Amusement park sees bumpy opening day after accident involving new 205-foot roller coaster

SANDUSKY, Ohio – An amusement park in Ohio had a bumpy opening day on Saturday after a new roller coaster had an accident.

WJW reported that the Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point bumped into a parked train in the loading area of the ride, resulting in four people being checked out by first aid teams.

Guests were on both trains at the time. All four returned to the park and nobody was seriously hurt. The ride temporarily closed, but reopened the next day.

"It was a little bit of a letdown, but I'm hoping for good things to come,” said Connor Sergeant, a park visitor. “It's always a chance with new rides.”

Steel Vengeance is a 205-foot roller coaster that boasts 10 world records, including the tallest and fastest coaster with the most airtime.