‘God was watching out for him’: Lottery winner survives helicopter crash in North Carolina

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LINCOLN COUNTY, N.C. — Luck struck one North Carolina man twice after he survived a helicopter crash Wednesday afternoon, less than a year after winning the lottery, WJZY reports.

Timothy Kniess won the lottery in October 2017 when his wife won $100,000 on a scratch-off ticket.

On Wednesday, Kniess was attempting to fly his helicopter when its tail got caught on a tree branch and it flew out of control, eventually crashing and catching firing. Luckily for Kneiss, he was able to crawl away before it burst into flames.

Kniess suffered minor scrapes and no serious injuries.

“Man bought a helicopter, he woke up one day and said ‘today’s the day, I identify as a pilot, bought a helicopter.’ Hell I can’t tell a man what to do in his own property,” said neighbor John Aubery.

The FAA said that investigators will be looking into the pilot’s certification. The North Carolina State Highway Patrol said that Kniess wasn’t experienced, and could not find any certifications under his name.

“God was watching out for him, that’s all I can say,” Aubery said.

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