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Driver of 18-wheeler credited with preventing further accidents, injuries during 14-vehicle pile-up in Forsyth County

FORSYTH COUNTY, N.C. -- The driver of an 18-wheeler is being credited with preventing further accidents by police, and possibly saving lives by witnesses, after a 14-vehicle pile-up in Forsyth County Wednesday morning.

“It’s a work zone, so there’s barriers up along the right side, you have a guardrail on the left,” said Chris York, who was behind the 18-wheeler when the accidents happened.

Winston-Salem police say a car had a blowout on Business 40 near Linville Road during the morning rush hour. As a result, 14 vehicles were involved in minor crashes.

“The tractor-trailer that was right in front of me had to slow down pretty quickly, started to fishtail a little bit,” York said.

York described the driver of the 18-wheeler straddling two lanes, avoiding hitting the vehicles ahead of him, while blocking other vehicles coming from behind.

“I could hear accidents in front of me, to the left of me, behind me,” York said.

Police say the driver’s actions probably prevented more vehicles from crashing.

York believes the driver may have prevented the crash from becoming deadly.

“I really feel like the way that he moved over, I really without exaggerating feel like he probably saved two or four lives today,” he said.

Police say there were only minor injuries because of the accidents.

“I thought, man that was, it was either it was genius or luck,” York said, of the driver’s actions. “But it didn’t matter because it turned out for the good.”​