Search for puppy stolen from PetSmart goes viral

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — A puppy was stolen from a PetSmart in Florida and the search for the dog has gone viral on social media, WGFL reports.

Surveillance photos show a woman come into the store and steal a 4-month-old boxer puppy named Arizona in a matter of two minutes.

Arizona was at the PetSmart as part of Haile’s Angels Pet Rescue’s routine adoption event. The dog had just been adopted and was ready to go to her forever home.

After the woman took the dog, a volunteer ran after her into the parking lot but she was already gone.

“It seems really quick for it not to be planned, she obviously knew right where Arizona was,” Halie’s Angels Pet Rescue Director Cassie Wheeler told WGFL.

The rescue posted photos of the suspect and of Arizona on social media, where it has gotten hundreds of retweets and shares.

Wheeler said because of all the interaction on social media, she has “really high hopes” that Arizona will be found.