Guilford County family wants answers after car shot into with BB gun

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- A family in Jamestown had a close call when their vehicle was shot into late Friday night along Guilford College Road.

Parents Michelle and Todd Bullin immediately pulled over to check on their 7-year-old twin girls in the backseat.

“I turned around and looked and it just looked like a snowball, the window just welled up and he said, ‘You need to stop Taylor may have been hit,” Michelle Bullin said.

“The deputy looked through the car to try and find possibly something but there was so much glass. The entire panel of glass at this point had shattered on her seat where she was,” Todd Bullin said.

Despite shattered glass everywhere, both girls were unharmed.

Guilford County deputies have two reports of shots fired that same night at vehicles along the same intersection of Guilford College Road and Stonewick Drive. Investigators believe it could have been a group of teens shooting pellet guns.

The other victim did not report any injures.

Todd Bullin said he is thankful everyone is OK but the case deserves more attention than a vandalism incident as indicated on the report.

Guilford County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Col. Randy Powers said right now they do not have any suspects but will be following up with the victims for updates.