Group celebrates the Volkswagen bus

PLEASANT GARDEN, N.C. -- There is just something about the Volkswagen Bus, which became popular in the 1960s.

"Anytime you stop to get gas you better give yourself 45 minutes," Chuck Baird said. "People come up to you and say my parents had one of these or I drove one of these as a kid or I didn't know they still made these."

They stopped making the Volkswagen Bus in the 90s but owners and fans of the vehicle gather across the country, including one recently at Hagan-Stone Park.

"There is something about the buses that draws people together, it's hard to explain," Rodney Derrick said. "People are really nice, it's family."

The owners and fans gather at the park a couple times a year, some from as far away as Canada.

"Home is where you park it," said Justin Hinshaw, just one of many people who arrive with colorful paint jobs on their rides. "Well whatever Walmart can provide. You are looking at a 20 dollars paint job here."