USPS asking citizens for help after dog bites continue to rise for mail carriers

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- The United States Postal Service says they need your help with protecting their mail carriers. Last year, postal workers nationwide suffered more than 6000 dog bites, nearly a dozen of those happening in Guilford County.

Darian Smalls, a mail carrier in High Point says they must always be on guard.

"Keep my head on a swivel just constantly turning and keeping aware of surroundings, not just visually, but also by hearing, you never know they could come from anywhere," Smalls said.

Smalls said he has been attacked three times in the 20-plus years that he has been delivering mail and it is a risk him and all mail carriers take every day.

"One of our carriers was walking and two pit bulls came across the street and attacked her, she had to retire because of the stress level of it she used to have nightmares after it," he said.

The post office says most bites can be prevented with the help of responsible dog owners. Keeping your dog in a fenced-in area, on a leash or making sure you put the pet in a separate room if your mail carrier has to come to the door.