Kangaroo at Chinese zoo dies after being pelted by bricks and rocks from tourists

Kangaroo stock photo (Getty Images)

BEIJING β€” One kangaroo died and another was injured after visitors at a Chinese zoo hurled rocks and bricks at the animals, according to the AFP.

A 12-year-old kangaroo died after being struck with bricks and concrete chunks February at the Fuzhou Zoo in Fujian province.

The kangaroo suffered a severely injured foot and also likely ruptured a kidney, according to a veterinary surgeon.

News of the incident surfaced after it was recently reported by a local Chinese newspaper, according to the New York Times.

A few weeks after rocks were thrown at the first kangaroo, a 5-year-old kangaroo at the same zoo was injured after the same thing happened.

It’s unclear if anyone was charged in either incident. Visitors at the zoo are reportedly known for trying to get the kangaroos to hop.