Vice President Mike Pence tours parts of Greensboro that were devastated by tornado

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GREENSBORO, N.C. – The anticipation grew as dozens of unmarked cars rolled into the east side of town.

It didn't take long for Vice President Mike Pence to step outside of his car and feel what others have felt for days.

"Our hearts go out to all the families that were impacted by Sunday's storm," Pence said.

He was quickly surrounded by community leaders, all of them showing in great detail how their community needs desperate help.

Cardes Brown was side by side Pence for the majority of the tour. He didn't waste any time telling the vice president what was on his mind.

"I had the opportunity to tell him our concern is for the people," Brown said. "A lot of issues that need to be addressed.”

Brown says it’s about putting elements in place to help people strive on their own.

Pence says FEMA is assessing the damage and evaluating the level of impact in the area in an effort to show that people are not alone.

"I'm here to assure the people of this community and of North Carolina that we are with you," Pence said.

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