Winston-Salem man puts on a show while washing cars

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Keith Smyre does more than wash cars, he puts on a show.

"I like cleaning them, detailing them and watching how they come out," said Smyre, who has been doing it for years. "People ask me all the time, 'What are you on?' I say, 'I'm on God.'"

His fancy footwork is influenced by his childhood dancing and boxing lessons.

"Everything is a constant motion, you don't waste no movement," he said. "When you love something like that you are going to take it to another level."

Smyre says he can dance his way to cleaning and detailing cars all day long.

"I have to make myself stop," said Smyre, who washes cars in different business parking lots through the week. "You work at a good pace, do what you do and call it a day."

And the 63-year-old doesn't plan to slow down.

"Retirement isn't something I think about," he said.