More than 1,000 structures in Guilford County damaged in tornado

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- The City of Greensboro and Guilford County released Wednesday afternoon preliminary numbers on structures damaged after a tornado barreled through the area Sunday afternoon.

“These numbers represent all the damage suffered in Guilford County, but approximately 95 percent of the damages are within Greensboro city limits,” said Don Campbell, emergency management division director for Guilford County Emergency Services. “We will continue to update these numbers through the next several days as access to damaged structures increases.”

Here is a list of the degrees of damage in which the structures sustained:

  • Destroyed -- 37
  • Major -- 162
  • Minor -- 312
  • Affected -- 484
  • Other -- 12

“Of the structures hit, 199 are either completely destroyed or suffered major damage,” Campbell said. “Minor damage means there is actual structural damage itself, while those classified as affected are more cosmetic damages, such as missing shingles or siding. Anything classified as other indicates crews were unable to accurately assess the damage. Power lines may have prevented access or downed trees.”

The National Weather Service said the twister was a “high-end EF-2," and had max wind speeds of 135 mph and had a path width of at least 300 yards.