Greensboro church remains hopeful after tornado blows off roof

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- After nearly 20 years, Pastor Lester Woodard's church has become unrecognizable.

"The vestibule, the bathroom will have to be redone," he said, as he walked through the church.

Sunday's tornado ripped through almost every room and parts of Living Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Greensboro's roof.

"All the computers and cabinets were full of water," Woodard described, walking into his office.

For the past few days, from sun up to sun down, Woodard, his wife and volunteers have been clearing the damage. They have been taking out things like furniture, equipment and debris.

"They weren't only from the community. Some were from High Point. Some were from Winston-Salem. Some were from Liberty. They came and brought the groups to help us out," Woodard said.

He says the support has been overwhelming.

"It shows you that they still love God and it shows you that you still have friends," Woodard said.

He estimates that it could cost about $400,000 to repair everything. Despite the setbacks, Woodard says Sunday's service will still go on.

Right now, the church is figuring out where that service will be held. Thursday morning, volunteers will be back out to put a tarp over the roof.