Family speaks out after man found shot, killed inside home in Burlington

BURLINGTON, N.C. - An entire family is numb. All they can do is take a deep breath while cleaning a sunroom with a mop and bucket Saturday evening.

That’s where police said 22-year-old Colton Murray took his last breath. He was shot and killed inside of his aunt's sunroom on Tarleton Avenue.

Police said it happened just before 5:30 p.m. Friday. Murray was found with gunshots to the head and body.

Murray's cousin Jayden Carden is the one who found him. He said Murray had been living with his aunt for the past few days.

"You wouldn't even expect nothing like that over here," Carden said.

Both he and his stepdad were passing by his aunt's house and noticed something was off.

"We noticed one of my aunt's dogs was out," Carden said.

They quickly drove to the house and rushed to the front door.

"Went to go knock on the door and that's when my stepdad noticed my cousin was lying flat out on the ground," Carden said.

Carden could hardly move. He said his stepfather called 911 immediately.

Burlington Police Captain Bret Currie said authorities are trying to determine what happened and there are no current suspects.

He said the police has seen a recent spike in homicides in the city.

"I've been here 24 years I have never seen three in one week," Currie said.

Currie says it's not something officers are taking for granted.

Their biggest goal is to provide closure to the families of the victims.

That's all Carden wants as he'll never forget the times he shared with his cousin.

"It's really tough on everybody right now," Carden said.