Daughter speaks out after mother killed in Winston-Salem

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- It's been a difficult past few days for Chantel McClellan.

Both she and her mom, 50-year-old Darleen McClellan Rivera, planned to have a girls day out Friday.

Instead, Chantel spent the day organizing her mom's belongings to sell to help with her mom's funeral expenses.

Police found Chantel's mom dead from a fatal shooting inside of her apartment Monday afternoon.

"A lot of the clothes we brought together on our little shopping adventures," Chantel said.

There's one outfit her mom wore that stands out.

"An all-red outfit that she knew she was just too fancy in, couldn't tell her nothing," Chantel said.

It's too painful for Chantel to keep any of her mom's clothes.

She says every shoe, shirt and purse is up for grabs at her yard sell this Sunday.

However, Chantel is holding onto pictures of her mom.

One in particular shows how happy her mom was when they were riding around one day having fun.

"She was really pretty that day so I said mom smile, let's take a picture," Chantel said.

Sorting through her mom's clothes is somewhat peaceful for her.

She almost broke down Monday night when two detectives showed up at her door and told her what happened.

"I wasn't able to catch my breath," Chantel said.

She quickly found the courage and strength the next day to walk inside her mom's apartment.

"It brought a lot of tears to my eyes, a lot of unanswered questions," Chantel said.

What pains her the most is walking down the hallway and not sitting on the couch anymore.

The same spot where Chantel's mom watched her grandkids as they played around in the living room.

It's listening to her mom's life lessons that's helping to cope with the pain.

"She just always taught me to be strong and have faith in God," Chantel said.

Chantel says her mom's funeral will take place on Tuesday.