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Police investigate shooting at Daniel Brook Grocery in High Point

HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Surveillance video from Daniel Brook Grocery shows a man sitting down near the intersection of Henley Street and Davis Avenue Wednesday afternoon.

Moments later an SUV appears in the video and approaches him.

That vehicle comes to a complete stop and then the man in the chair runs away as the vehicle drives off.

"I just heard the gunshots," said Maria Caple, who heard several gunshots.

Seconds later the store's surveillance camera captures the shooting victim limping towards the store. At one point you can see the man flag someone down for help.

Caple lives just steps away from where the shooting happened. She was inside her home watching TV when she heard gunfire.

Caple said at first, she didn't see anything, but something told her to look towards the store.

"He got shot in the back of his leg," Caple said.

Surveillance video shows shoppers helping the man until paramedics arrived.

Police rushed to the scene and blocked off the store with police tape.

It's a scene Caple says she sees too often.

"I mean it's scary because there's kids out here," Caple said.

It was back in January when a 14-year-old boy was shot just a few feet away from her house.

Now she's so fed up with the violence and says she's thinking about moving away.

Anyone with any information on the shooting can call Crimestoppers at (336) 889-4000.